Daniel O'Donnell teases retirement as he looks to slow down his career 1 year ago

Daniel O'Donnell teases retirement as he looks to slow down his career

It'll be a sad day when that happens.

Everything ends.

TV shows. Sporting careers. Dedicated metal stations that played some highly questionable music in their day.

Just three examples there of how time eventually makes a fool of us all.

There are some things, some people, that you expect to live forever.

Daniel O'Donnell, one-man magic factory that he is, is one such immortal figure.

And yet even he is beginning to feel the strain.

In a new interview with the Irish Daily Mirror, the Donegal icon has said that he plans to take it easier than legendary country music hero Big Tom, with whom he is sometimes compared.

Big Tom passed away earlier this year and was famed for playing live shows into his 80s, something that O'Donnell doesn't intend to emulate.

“For some it works well and they go on for a long time, but I don’t know that I would like to go on indefinitely," admitted Daniel.

“I keep saying I’m going to slow down and I have a little. I suppose in the future I’ll look at taking more time off. I think everyone has a time when they should finish and I hope when that time comes for me I’ll realise it.”

2018 has been another hugely successful year for the 56-year-old crooner, and quite a strangely versatile one, too.

Some highlights:

He broke a television ratings record following a mildly irked turn on Room to Improve.

He made a soap opera splash on Ros na Rún.

He performed for Pope Francis, who didn't seem terribly impressed.

He had his celebrity status cruelly snubbed by Sky News following that very event.

He sang 'Happy Birthday' to a surprised fan on a plane.

And he crashed a wedding and made everyone's day.

I mean that's quite a calendar year, right? And we didn't even mention how boss his jacket looked at that Pope thing.

2019 will see Daniel mark 38 years of being a musician, so we'll have to see if he can do it all over again then.