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07th Sep 2018

Kanye West’s new video is… something else entirely

Dave Hanratty

Kanye West Lil Pump I Love It video

Where to even begin?

How about with Kanye West’s latest venture; the official creative director for this year’s prestigious Pornhub Awards.

Thursday night’s inaugural adults-only bash saw Yeezy take control, styling all of the presenters’ attire and even the awards themselves.

The man is a multimedia titan, folks, so just get used to it.

Not content with his day’s work, Kanye teamed up with Lil Pump and Adele Givens for new track ‘I Love It’.

The song is a typically x-rated affair – very on-brand for the whole Pornhub thing, so there’s those creative director credentials paying off – with West repeatedly noting, ‘I’m a sick f*ck, I like a quick f*ck’.

Which is maybe slightly better than that time he said he’d like to sleep with all of his sisters-in-law, you’d think.

But the real story here is the surreal video, which houses imagery like this:


Directed by Spike Jonze (who previously directed his ‘Flashing Lights’ and ‘Otis’ videos), the promo sees Kanye and Lil Pump swarmed by comically oversized bodysuits as they swagger about a corridor lined with women posing as statuettes.

Probably an average day for Kanye, but incredibly strange for average folk like us.

Check it out in all its bizarre glory below.

Clip via Lil pump

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