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24th Nov 2023

Calls for Brazilian Deliveroo driver who stopped attack to be given Freedom of Dublin

Joseph Loftus

Brazilian deliveroo driver

“Absolute hero.”

There have been calls for the Brazilian Deliveroo driver who stopped the knife attack on Parnell Square to be given Freedom of the City.

Caio Benicio, a 43-year-old delivery driver from Brazil, was on the street when the attack took place yesterday (November 23) afternoon.

He stepped in to subdue the attacker with his helmet and has since detailed his experience.

Brazilian Deliveroo driver speaks about how he stopped Parnell Street attacker.

“I didn’t even make a decision, it was pure instinct, and it was all over in seconds,” Benicio told The Journal.

“He fell to the ground, I didn’t see where the knife went, and other people stepped in.”

Benicio, who came to Ireland for work after his restaurant burned down in Brazil, said that he used his helmet as a weapon to disarm the attacker.

“I have two kids myself, so I had to do something. I did what anyone would do.

“People were there, but they couldn’t step in because he was armed. But I knew I could use my helmet as a weapon.”

He also said he was praying for the victims.

“I am praying, it’s all I am thinking of. I saw her in the ambulance, she looked so vulnerable, I had to go with Gardaí then,” he said.

Benicio also said that he was saddened to see the anti-immigrant sentiment that has been on display in a night of unrest in Dublin.

“It looks like they hate immigrants. Well I am an immigrant, and I did what I could to try and save that little girl,” he said.

Taking to X in the aftermath of Benicio’s bravery, one person wrote: “Absolute hero. Freedom of the city would be a start, I’d say give him citizenship.”

Another wrote: “He should be given the freedom of the city. Far better choice than most of the clowns that have got it.”

A third commented: “Freedom of the city for Caio Benicio today.”

(Feature image via The Journal).

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