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05th Aug 2013

Brian O’Driscoll has a go at making his own GAA meme


Mayo put in a hugely impressive performance yesterday to dethrone the All-Ireland champions, but BOD was particularly impressed by one man and his hair

Mayo proved yesterday that despite the many people doubting their quality because they ‘haven’t been tested’ yet this year, that they are a serious force to be reckoned with in the Championship.

The whole country was watching, more or less, including one Brian O’Driscoll, as Aidan O’Shea put in a masterful performance despite getting sent off in injury time. For BOD however, the most impressive part was O’Shea’s fringe, and he was tweeting about how he planned on getting the look himself. This morning he had a go at creating his very own GAA meme based on that very topic.

Poor Jimmy McGuinness probably wasn’t thinking that at the time this photo was snapped we imagine, as goal after goal flew in, but in the cold light of day, maybe he’s considering a change of style too.