Man caught by UK police after stealing over €900 worth of designer sunglasses from Dublin Airport 3 months ago

Man caught by UK police after stealing over €900 worth of designer sunglasses from Dublin Airport

Very shady, indeed.

A man was caught by UK police at the weekend after having stolen nearly a grand's worth of designer sunglasses from Dublin Airport.


An Garda Síochána released details of the incident via its official Twitter account, explaining that on Sunday morning (27 August), officers responded to the reported theft of items worth over €900 from a store within Terminal 1.

Gardaí then quickly identified a suspect via CCTV footage but soon discovered that the man had already departed for Birmingham Airport.

Dublin Airport Thef

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Dublin Airport theft

"But he wasn't off the hook just yet - we contacted Birmingham Airport Police to provide his details and a description of the stolen goods," Gardaí said.

"Much to his surprise, they were there to greet him off the plane, conducted a search and recovered the items he stole from Dublin Airport.

"The items were back in store by lunchtime having been returned to us by the Aer Lingus crew on this EI3265 flight.


"Successful policing outcomes often come down to teamwork, and we're lucky to have strong working relationships with our counterparts overseas."

Responding to An Garda Síochána's tweets, one user wrote: "€900 quids worth of goods, what'd he steal, two sandwiches?"


In response, a Garda spokesperson clarified: "Yous are very funny. But no, three pairs of designer sunglasses," before adding: "No shades jokes, please!"

Also asked if any action was taken against the man, Gardaí responded: "We are continuing to work with our colleagues in the West Midlands Police and anticipate a positive outcome to the case."

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