Gardaí warn of a scam targeting the elderly and vulnerable in Cork 1 year ago

Gardaí warn of a scam targeting the elderly and vulnerable in Cork

Stay on your toes.

Gardaí are warning people to beware of a scam that is doing the rounds in Cork at the moment.

The scam involves door-to-door salesmen entering the homes of the elderly and selling furniture to them. They return at a later date, take the furniture back and pressure them into buying a more expensive piece of furniture.

In one instance, the scam artists returned to an elderly man following the sale of a piece of furniture and intimidated him into giving them a "loan", with no intention of paying back.

Speaking to Patricia Messinger on C103's Cork Today Show, Sergeant John Kelly from Fermoy Garda Station described the criminals as being "clever" in the way that they are going about the scam, and how they are filling the vulnerable with promises of financial gain.

"They're promising returns as well."

Kelly urged people to be on their toes and be on the lookout for any similar situations, saying:

"It seems to be a lot easier for them than burglaries or anything. They're coming back, reinventing themselves the whole time. I'm saying to sons, daughters, friends out there: if people are buying furniture from those salesmen that call door-to-door, for God's sake try and discourage them from doing that."

Anybody with any information should contact Fermoy Garda Station at 02582100.