Homeowners warned over Microsoft phone scam 2 years ago

Homeowners warned over Microsoft phone scam

People in Donegal are being warned about a widespread phone scam where people are told there are viruses on their computer.

Speaking to Highland Radio, Councillor Gary Doherty assured listeners that he had contacted Microsoft who confirmed that they do not call individual customers to warn them about viruses on their computer.

"It does seem to be quite widespread, this scam, and it seems to be persistent — that would show that they're obviously getting some joy."

"If you do receive any of these calls, ignore them and inform them that you'll be informing the Gardaí."

"Microsoft and these large corporations have stated categorically that they do not contact individual customers regarding viruses on their computer."

Doherty also confirmed that it's harder to tell where the calls are coming from geographically, as the scammers are targeting landlines as opposed to mobile phones.

You can listen to a segment of the interview here.