'Women Can't Be Trusted' posters are fake, LoveBoth campaign confirms 3 years ago

'Women Can't Be Trusted' posters are fake, LoveBoth campaign confirms

Pictures of the fake posters were doing the rounds on social media over the weekend.

The LoveBoth campaign has confirmed that the 'Women Can't Be Trusted' posters erected in Dublin are in fact fake.


These posters, which were shared across social media platforms over the weekend, were printed with the unauthorised use of the groups logo and have been described as an act of "vandalism".

In a statement, the campaign's spokesperson Eilís Mulroy labelled it "a pathetic attempt to smear those working to inform the public that this Government has planned to introduce extreme abortion on demand into Ireland if the Eight Amendement is removed."

She went on to say: "We deplore the fact that certain groups and individuals have decided to engage in dirty tactics and attack the legitimate democratic expression of those who wish to protect women and unborn children from abortion on demand."

In order "to avoid confusion" among its followers, LoveBoth responded by sharing images of their actual posters.

This is the latest incident in the ongoing issue of poster vandalism by both those on the Yes and No sides of the Eight Amendment referendum.

On Saturday night (28 April), Dublin Fire Brigade were called to extinguish campaign posters which had been set ablaze in the city centre.


On 17 April, video footage surfaced online of a man in Limerick tearing down multiple posters belonging to the organisation Rosa, which state 'Stop Shaming Women'.

Commenting on the incident to JOE, Rita Harrold of Rosa said: "We are used to these tactics from anti-abortion campaigners.

"They try to silence women and minimise our voice in society. This is still happening.

"We know that the vast majority don't support those values, we know they trust women in society."


Adding that each poster costs €6, she said: "Also the effort of the campaigners who volunteer to put them up is of equal importance to us."