PICS: Homes evacuated near Manchester as firefighters battle huge blaze 3 years ago

PICS: Homes evacuated near Manchester as firefighters battle huge blaze

The fire was apparently started due to high temperatures and high winds.

Firefighters were called to a fire in Saddleworth Moor - just outside the Greater Manchester area - on Sunday evening, and had gotten the blaze under control at the time.


However, due to the increased temperatures, the fire stated up again on Monday evening, and has continued to burn since then.

Now in the fourth day, it is being described as "a major incident", and now the army are on standby to assist the firefighters.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Leon Parkes, Assistant chief fire officer with GMFRS, said: "The evacuation was just over 30 homes last night, there were a number of other homes at threat of fire, however we put additional services in that area so I hope we’ve quelled that risk.

"The area is really, really large - it’s a really difficult fire situation because of the size of it, some of the feedback we’ve received is that it’s over 6km."

"Clearly the challenges are enormous. We have fire fighters working in really, really hot conditions. They’re doing everything they can to control that fire.

"As you can appreciate, firefighters will have fire kit on which is heavy, thick, warm - the ground is really hot, the smoke coming off the fire is thick.

"The scenes of fire are not where we can access, some of them are two miles away (from where we can park)."


Similar warnings were issued for Ireland earlier this week, as the Department of Agriculture stated: "Highest ignition risk is deemed to exist in public amenity areas adjacent to urban centres and on areas of open at risk from illegal burning of waste.

"Increased growth levels and live fuel moisture in upland fuels, coupled with high humidity levels can be expected to moderate fire behaviour and spread rates at this point, subject to local terrain and wind conditions."