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05th Jul 2023

Irish teen died after spending the day searching for friend on Greek island

Simon Kelly

max wall

He spent the day making and distributing missing posters.

Irish teen Max Wall collapsed and died after a day of searching for his St. Michaels College classmate on the Greek island of Ios, according to MailOnline.

The 18-year-old reportedly went to a print shop earlier in the day on los to make posters appealing for help to find his friend Andrew O’Donnell, where he subsequently placed them around the area and distributed them to locals.

Mr O’Donnell went missing after a night out on Friday and it is thought he may have fallen after his body was found in a rocky area the next morning.

After Andrew’s body was found, Max decided to leave the island, where he later passed away at a ferry port.

MailOnline also revealed that police began searching for Andrew on Sunday morning, around 24 hours after he disappeared, as it was when the light was better.

Large groups of teenagers leave Ios after two tragic deaths

St Michael’s College principal Tim Kelleher told the Irish Examiner that around 90 students from the school were on the island over the weekend, celebrating the completion of their leaving cert. Many decided to leave after the traumatising news.

“They all want to leave. They were traumatised and people were saying, ‘I want to get home’.

“South Dublin is a small parish, all the schools know each other, they play against each other, they are friends with each other, and there are older siblings and friends all over the area who are deeply devastated.

“When something like this happens there is a lot of hysteria, and a lot of fear and parents are ringing, and everyone is traumatised especially the boys who were with Andrew and Max. They are traumatised. They just want to come home and will be all home in the next 48 hours.”

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