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13th Jun 2017

Son of West Ham owner uses Twitter to prove Manchester attack hero isn’t still homeless

Some reports claimed Steve was back living on the street...

Robert Redmond

Steve Jones made the news following the Manchester attack.

Steve was near the Manchester Arena on the night of the horrible terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert, which left 22 people dead. The man, who is homeless, came to the aid of people injured in the attack.

Steve gave some potentially life-saving treatment to one woman, after she suffered a gash to her abdomen, and his acts of heroism gained a lot of attention on social media.

A fundraising page was set up help get him off the streets, and his story came to the attention of David Sullivan, co-owner of West Ham United.

Sullivan promised to give Steve six months’ free accommodation and some money to help him get by.

His son, Dave Sullivan Jr, confirmed that they had made contact with Steve, and the process of finding him a place to live was underway.

However, photos and reports emerged recently showing Steve back on the street.

Some took this to mean that the plan to find him a home had fallen through, but Sullivan Jr has dispelled any suggestion that they have reneged on their promise to help Steve.

He said that Steve is staying in a hotel, while they arrange for him to get his own place to live.

Sullivan then called Steve, who said that the process doesn’t happen overnight, but he is not currently homeless.

“I’m coming from the hotel. I’m carrying my bag with me with all my belongings,” Steve said.

“I’m going to look homeless, do you understand what I mean? These people have got to realise things don’t happen overnight. It’s a lengthy process. I’ve been going through this housing agency wanting a birth certificate and everything… I am getting help.”

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