Water restrictions have been put in place for five Irish areas on Thursday night 3 months ago

Water restrictions have been put in place for five Irish areas on Thursday night

Irish Water says 12,750 homes and businesses countrywide remain without a water supply.

Irish Water is advising customers in the midlands that due to the extremely cold weather conditions and exceptionally high water demand, some water treatment plants in the county are struggling to keep up with supply demands.

In a post published to their website, the utility company is asking customers to conserve water to avoid reservoirs emptying and water pressure to homes and businesses being affected.

Water restrictions will be in place from 8pm tonight to 8am on Friday, 9 March 2018 for customers in Athlone Town, Annagh, Baylin, Mount Temple and Ories areas to allow water levels in reservoirs to refill.

Customers throughout the county are urged to conserve water by not running taps unnecessarily, taking showers instead of baths and to refrain from using dishwashers and washing machines.

Meanwhile, water restrictions in the Dublin area may be reduced at the weekend, Irish Water has said.

The company has said that 12,750 homes and businesses countrywide remain without a water supply and 27,484 have a restricted supply following Storm Emma.


Irish Water added that a 'do not drink' notice remains in place for Fethard in Co Tipperary, affecting 12,000 customers.

All boil water notices have now been lifted. However, Irish Water has warned its customers that the aftermath of Storm Emma may take months to recover from.

Irish Water's General Manager said they are "extremely conscious of the hardship that supply restrictions impose on people."

Eamon Gallen said: "The decision to restrict water was made to support business and the city's economy and to avoid wide spread water outages during core business hours

"We continue to look at how we can carry out restrictions in a way that minimises impact and avoids concentrating them in individual areas.

"To support this we are considering how we can further reduce restrictions over the weekend when the impact of restrictions can have an even greater impact on social and commercial life when sporting and social events are taking place."

Restrictions remain in place between the hours of 8pm and 6am across County Dublin.

If you become aware of any leaks or bursts across the country, Irish Water have asked that you please call them at 1850 278 278 to report it.

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