It turns out Bryan Cranston was also on the Power Rangers 10 years ago

It turns out Bryan Cranston was also on the Power Rangers

Ever thought to yourself that you recognise Walter White's voice but not sure from where? The answer might be Power Rangers

We know that Bryan Cranston has had a pretty good career before getting involved with the hit show Breaking Bad, in particular we probably remember him from Malcolm in the Middle, as well as a role in Argo amongst a whole host of others, but when he appeared on the Colbert Report earlier this week he let slip that he was a voice actor on a hugely iconic show (around 1:20 in) back in the day: Power Rangers


He gives a few tiny, tiny hints towards what's going to happen at the end, but nothing that could even be considered a spoiler, if that's what you're worried about. Still, if you're really concerned then stay off the internet for a while.

The lads at BreakingNews did a little digging after hearing this, and they found that indeed, on his IMDB profile he is credited as being on the Power Rangers as the voice of whatever it is that this monster is supposed to be, and they even found a video to prove it.


As Cranston notes in the interview, perhaps this is the point that Heisenberg was born, although we don't remember him ever shooting snakes out of his mouth...

A big hat-tip to Breaking News for this