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30th Sep 2013

Video: JOE talks day to day nutrition with Leinster’s senior performance nutritionist

JOE caught up with Leinster's senior performance nutritionist to talk about eating right during the pre-season


JOE caught up with Leinster’s senior performance nutritionist to talk about eating right to fuel your training

Leinster’s season is now underway, but before the big kick-off we met up with Daniel Davey, Leinster’s senior performance nutritionist to chat about nutrition and training, and what the players eat to make sure they have the best fuel possible for a gruelling schedule.

Diet will always be a key part of any exercise regime, and particular for athletes at the highest level as they endeavour to stay in peak physical condition.

Daniel runs through a whole range of foods and a typical daily diet of a player at Leinster, from getting the right balance of vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins, to the sports nutrition products they use. He gives us a few examples of healthy foods that we can add to our daily routines and what they bring to the table, from sweet potato to squash and much more.

JOE also caught up with the Leinster squad during preseason to have a look at the exercises and workouts that the team were doing, from powerful deadlifts, to grueling squats and plyometric exercises all require both a lot of carbohydrates for energy and effective recovery, as well as protein to help maintain and build muscle.

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