A brand new Irish horror and 5 more big trailers you might have missed this week 6 months ago

A brand new Irish horror and 5 more big trailers you might have missed this week

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Our first look at the new films and shows we'll be watching over the coming weeks and months...

Another week, another exciting line-up of first and new glimpses of upcoming shows and movies.


Starting with...

Dr. Brain

This six-episode Korean-language series comes from the visionary director of A Tale Of Two Sisters and the star of Parasite. It tells the story of a brilliant brain scientist who has discovered a way to sync his mind with those who have died, allowing him to enter their brains right up to the moment of their death.

The first episode of Dr. Brain will arrive on Apple TV+ on 4 November.


True Story

Kevin Hart plays one of the world's most famous comedians, but this is not a comedy series. Instead, when he heads back to his home town and reunites with his brother (Wesley Snipes), a world of crime and lies opens up.

All episodes of True Story will arrive on Netflix on 24 November.



Olivia Colman and David Thewlis play husband and wife in this darkly comedic mini-series, about a couple who have been on the run from the law for over a decade for a terrible crime they've been trying to keep from being discovered.

All episodes of Landscapers will be available on NOW and Sky Atlantic on 7 December.


The Unforgivable

Sandra Bullock stars as a woman released from prison, having served a sentence for a particularly violent crime, and reintroduced to a world that won't let her forget her past. An impressive list of co-stars includes Vincent D’Onofrio, Jon Bernthal, Rob Morgan and Viola Davis.

The Unforgivable arrives on Netflix on 10 December.



Captain America himself Chris Evans will voice Buzz Lightyear in this spin-off of sorts from the Toy Story universe. Not really about the toy, but the character of Buzz himself, this is essentially answering the question: "What if Pixar made a Star Wars?"

Lightyear will arrive in Irish cinemas in Summer 2022.


The director of cult Irish comedy horror Grabbers brings Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp) and Douglas Booth (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) to Ireland to start a new life, only to discover there is something evil living down the end of their garden... It also co-stars our very own local legend Colm Meaney!

Unwelcome is due to arrive in Irish cinemas in 2022.

Clips via Apple TV+, Netflix, Warner Bros., Pixar and Sky TV

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