One of the best coming-of-age films of recent years is among the movies on TV tonight 4 months ago

One of the best coming-of-age films of recent years is among the movies on TV tonight

It was directed by an acclaimed comedian.

Need a movie this Wednesday evening? Well, here are the film options on TV tonight, starting with:


Bloodshot - Film4 - 9pm

Vin Diesel is the lead in this 2020 action sci-fi about a soldier who dies before being brought back to life with superpowers by an organisation that wants to use him as a weapon.

Hard to Kill - Turner Classic Movies - 9pm

This '90s action flick sees Steven Seagal play a cop that is... hard to kill.


Pay the Ghost - Horror Xtra - 9pm

Nicolas Cage stars in this supernatural horror as a professor desperately searching for his son who was abducted during a Halloween carnival.

Eighth Grade - BBC Three - 10pm

Our pick for tonight is this 2018 movie focusing on Kayla (Elsie Fisher), a teenager struggling with anxiety who yearns to gain social acceptance from her peers during her final week of eighth grade.


The feature-length film directing debut of acclaimed comedian Bo Burnham, Eighth Grade holds a near-perfect 99% Rotten Tomatoes score, with critics praising Fisher's naturalistic central performance and the comedy-drama's empathetic depiction of the struggles modern teenagers face.

JOE interviewed Burnham about the movie when it premiered in Ireland and you can listen to the chat right here.

Alive - Horror Xtra - 10.55pm


This 2018 horror about a severely injured man and woman who are held captive by a sadistic caretaker earned solid reviews upon release.

Prince of Darkness - Legend - 10.55pm

One of legendary horror filmmaker John Carpenter's most underrated movies, Prince of Darkness follows a group of scientists in LA who are asked to assist a Catholic priest (Donald Pleasence) in investigating an ancient cylinder of liquid discovered in a monastery.

However, they soon come to learn that the mysterious substance is in fact the essence of Satan.

Halloween - Turner Classic Movies - 11pm


Another Carpenter classic, this breakthrough horror of his introduced slasher villain Michael Myers to the world as he sets his sights on teenager Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Daredevil - Film4 - 11.10pm

An admittedly flawed superhero flick that nonetheless features a very fun villainous turn from our own Colin Farrell.

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