WATCH: Channel 4 reporter asks Jeremy Corbyn the same question about Brexit six times in two and half minutes 3 years ago

WATCH: Channel 4 reporter asks Jeremy Corbyn the same question about Brexit six times in two and half minutes

He's nothing if not persistent.

Politics is a tricky business.


A career that's primarily based around not saying the wrong thing at all times, it's no wonder that those involved are often condemned for pushing their own agenda.

One of the trickiest topics in today's media is the circus framing the whole Brexit scenario, with a number of different opinions on the matter floating around and a far greater number of loose ends left to be tied up.

This has lead to high tensions forming between UK political parties, mostly to do with how they're going to react once the effects of Brexit come in to play.

One such politician who's been avoiding the matter quite skilfully has been Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was recently targetted by a Channel 4 reporter for not answering a question he was repeatedly asked.

The Channel 4 news representative is filmed, with his back to the camera, asking Corbyn the same question six times in under three minutes.

"Do you honestly believe that Britain is better off outside of the EU?"

Corbyn did his best not to answer the question, giving lengthy and detailed responses while at the same time, totally avoiding giving away his personal thoughts on the matter.


The Labour leader repeatedly stated that the decision was ultimately made by the British people and as such, they must make the best of the given result.

"A referendum took place, a decision was reached, we have to respect the result," he said.

The clip was shared by Channel 4 on Twitter and received a number of mixed comments underneath, comments which both blasted the minister for his comments and commended him for his "spot on" answers.



Corbyn made headlines last month when he finally commented on Theresa May’s Soft Brexit plan, while yet again urging the Prime Minister to call a fresh election should an agreement on her ‘third-way’ proposal not be met.

The 69-year-old also claimed earlier this week that his party feels a no-deal Brexit would be “unacceptable”, adding that Labour MPs would not allow it to happen.