Video: Fan-made trailer for Man of Steel sequel looks very cool 8 years ago

Video: Fan-made trailer for Man of Steel sequel looks very cool

This is not an official trailer for the sequel to Man of Steel by any stretch of the imagination but even hardcore Superman and Batman fans will probably admit that it’s pretty impressive.


With Ben Affleck confirmed as Batman (news that wasn’t universally popular amongst movie fans on the interweb) and Bryan Cranston also coming on board in recent weeks, excitement is building about a sequel to Man of Steel due for release in 2015 that will feature two of the most recognised comic-book heroes of all time.

Because the cast is still being assembled and the film is a long way away yet we won’t have a clue what it will look for some time, but that didn’t stop YouTube user solyentbrak1 from putting together a trailer based on footage of the main cast members from some of their previous work.

Clips of Henry Cavill and Amy Adams would have been easy to come by on the back of their appearance in Man of Steel, but there is also footage of Affleck from State of Play and Daredevil, Cranston from Breaking Bad and snippets of previous Batman movies to make up a trailer that is pretty convincing looking and helps whet the appetite for what could be a huge blockbuster in a couple of years’ time.

Well played sir, Hollywood may well come calling after this.


Video via YouTube/solyentbrak1