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12th Oct 2014

Video: We never realised how tacky the 90s were until we watched this…

Bruce Willis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tony Soprano... They're all here to remind us what we're not really missing.


Bruce Willis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tony Soprano… They’re all here to remind us what we’re not really missing.

Now, the 1990s were far from terrible – they brought us Kurt Cobain, Alan McLoughlin’s goal against Northern Ireland, U2 before they became a parody of themselves, Pulp Fiction, Blur v Oasis v Shed Seven, the birth of the DVD and Premier League football.

However, it was a decade not without its cheesy moments – and not cheesy in a kitsch ’80s sense – as this video demonstrates.

If you can name more than 30% of the references in this supercut of “It’s the ’90, dammit!” prepare to feel old.

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