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06th Oct 2023

Joel Corry on dream collaborations, staying fit on tour, and his scuba diving skills

Hugh Carr

Joel Corry

“I started playing bangers and then I had to hang up the fins!”

Joel Corry’s road to DJ stardom has been unique, to say the least. From reality TV fame over ten years ago, to a number one single in the UK, the Londoner releases his debut album on Friday (6 October). JOE sat down with Joel (JOE-l?) to talk everything from nerves, ABBA Gold, and one experience involving a cardboard cutout he will never forget…

“Absolutely buzzing.”

While Corry has released many singles since first arriving on the scene in 2016, “About Friday Night” marks the first time the tracks will feature on one album. We had to ask – is he nervous about the album launch, or excited?

“I’m absolutely buzzing for the album to come out. This is what I’ve been working towards for the last four or five years of my life, and I’m excited for everyone to have all the bangers from all over the years and my new music, all in one place, in one playlist, the ultimate Joel Corry power playlist, and I just hope that everyone loves it!”

Bangers and Smash

Before reality television thrust him into the spotlight, Corry ran a personal training business, with his Youtube channel still regularly updated with workouts from the man himself. Given the late-night nature of DJ-ing, how does Corry stay fit?

“It’s just about prioritising and making time in my day to get that workout in, even if it’s just an hour. This morning, I was in the gym in Dublin at 5.30 in the morning because I only had that time to go so I made myself get up and get down there. It’s just about having that discipline to make sure I do it and tick that box off.

It’s not even a physical benefit, it’s more of a mental benefit, it keeps me firing, it keeps me going, it makes me feel good. No matter where I am in the world, I’ll just Google wherever the nearest gym is and make sure to get that hour and get it in.

Aside from that, I try and keep my diet as healthy as possible, but we did just go for a Guinness, didn’t we? Sometimes you have to go get a Guinness. They said it was low-calories though, and full of iron. A Guinness pump!”

To hear more from Corry on dream collaborations, his thoughts on 50 Cent, and his future career as a marine biologist, you can check out our 10 Questions with the DJ here.


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