JOE’s Song Of The Day #876 – Ross Breen ‘Some Other Time, Maybe’ 1 month ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #876 – Ross Breen ‘Some Other Time, Maybe’

Ross Breen brings some soul with his brand new single.

Kildare man Ross Breen is back with a new song and a new sound. Written during a period of isolation in the west of Ireland,  he takes a soulful new direction in his latest track 'Some Other Time, Maybe'.


Recorded and produced in Wexford by Gavin Glass at Orphan Studios, it's also where the accompanying music video was shot. It's a song rich in soul and shows an artist using the full array of his talents.

It's a beautifully constructed piece of music and it ambles along at a really pleasing and relaxing pace. It's a song you find yourself nodding your head to, getting your chilled groove on with. Breen's vocals are sublime as ever and he's excited to hear the reaction to his new song.

The song and the studio recording came together very easily," he says.

"The musicians were all relaxed on the day, playing naturally and without inhibition. I’m really proud of this one and looking forward to seeing how people react to it now.“

The producer, Gavin Glass, is equally as excited.

"On 'Some Other Time, Maybe', I tried to create an environment around the song that would allow the lyric and vocal to just float," Gavin says.

"It's a Ross Breen people haven't heard before. I'm really proud to be involved with this one.”


Clip via Ross Breen

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