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05th Nov 2023

Dublin airport declares full emergency after private jet aborts take off

Simon Kelly

Dublin airport emergency

There were no passengers on board at the time.

A full emergency was declared at Dublin Airport this afternoon after there were reports of smoke coming from a private jet.

The jet aborted takeoff after smoke was reported in the cockpit, however no fire was reported. It is understood that three crew members on the aircraft were swiftly evacuated and there were no passengers on board at the time.

In a statement to JOE this afternoon, a spokesperson for daa, the operator of Dublin Airport, stated:

“A full emergency was declared at Dublin Airport this afternoon after a private aircraft with three crew on board aborted take-off due to reports of smoke in the cockpit.

“Dublin Airport’s emergency services responded and after an evacuation of the crew the aircraft was towed under escort to the General Aviation area of the airport.”

Dublin airport test

Dublin airport declares full emergency

It was reported by some outlets that other aircrafts faced minor delays, however the daa stated that no delays were caused by the incident.

Last month, the daa underwent an “emergency readiness” test for dealing with any potential major incidents.

The events, under safety regulation laws, are required to take place at least twice a year.

The HSE, gardaí, Dublin Fire Brigade and the National Ambulance Service all took part in the test.

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