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16th Sep 2023

RTÉ’s DG responds to Patrick Kielty’s jokes about the broadcaster’s payments scandal

Stephen Porzio

patrick kielty

Kielty himself quipped during his Late Late hosting debut that RTÉ executives might not be pleased with his jokes.

RTÉ Director General Kevin Bakhurst has responded to the numerous jokes Patrick Kielty made on the Late Late about the broadcaster’s secret payments scandal.

The comedian made his debut presenting the long-running talk show, with the episode being very well-received – particularly the host’s opening monologue which poked fun at RTÉ’s recent string of controversies.

RTÉ’s DG responds to Patrick Kielty’s jokes on the Late Lat show.

“So nice to finally get started because, as you all know folks, The Late Late Show has been off-air now for almost four months. Well, I say off-air. It’s been on Morning Ireland, Prime Time, Liveline,” he quipped in what was the first of many RTÉ jokes.

“What a treat it is to have The Late Late Show on again after the news.”

Describing how everything about his version of the Late Late was “new”, Kielty also said: “We’ve got a brand new house band for you, folks. Give it up for Grant Thornton and the flip-flops.”

Late Late Show

He added as well: “We’re trying out a brand new format tonight on the show where the host gets to ask the questions instead of having to answer them at the Oireachtas.

“We also have our shiny new set… No expense spared. Or if you’re the host, no expenses spared.

“Based on the latest figures for TV licence payments, we’re expecting an audience of 27 people tuning in tonight. Just to put that into perspective, that’s almost double the amount of people who saw Toy Show: The Musical.”

Patrick Kielty’s jokes about RTÉ.

After that last zinger, Kielty told his audience: “This is where the RTÉ executives in the green room realise, they might have booked the wrong pony.”

On this note, one user posted a comedic tweet about how the recently appointed Director General of the broadcaster Kevin Bakhurst might respond to the many RTÉ jokes.

Replying to this tweet, Bakhurst wrote: “Actually thought they were great!”

You can see that interaction right here:

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