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14th Mar 2014

Pic: This hearse in Cork chose an interesting time to fill up with petrol

“Eh… Shouldn’t you be somewhere else, pal?”


“Eh… Shouldn’t you be somewhere else, pal?”

We’ve just received this picture, which was snapped in a petrol station somewhere in Cork, and it features a hearse filling up with petrol… even though there’s a coffin still in the back.


Now, we don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it seems like the hearse’s driver chose a rather unfortunate time to fill up and if that is the case then you’d think he/she would have filled up prior to picking up the coffin.

Furthermore, the coffin itself could be empty, but it’s sure to give the shivers to anyone filling up beside it…

At least it didn’t fall out the back

Credit for the pic goes to Adam Peerbux and also to Jean Ní Loinsigh for sending it our way.

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