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10th Oct 2014

Video: This montage of four years of the northern lights in Ireland is seriously cool

As if we needed any more proof that Ireland is beautiful…

Alan Loughnane

As if we needed any more proof that Ireland is beautiful…

This stunning video featuring pictures of the northern lights, or aurora, over Ireland during the last four years is well worth a watch. It shows pictures of the multi-coloured sky from the different counties in Ireland which manages (if that’s even possible) to make Ireland an even more scenic and picturesque country.

We are not going to sit here and pretend that we are experts on the subject of the northern lights because we are convinced they are the result of some kind of sorcery. We also suspect that there may be someone from Longford involved…

Whatever rogue witchcraft causes the amazing colours, there is no denying the sheer beauty of the result. And before you ask, we are sure that the pictures are actually the northern lights and the house is not, in fact, on fire…



Video via Donegal Weather Channel.

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