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20th Nov 2022

Jonathan Ross refuses to interview “horrible human being” Matt Hancock

Tobi Akingbade

He did not mince his words…

Matt Hancock may still be living it up in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle after surviving the first elimination of the series on Friday and Jonathan Ross couldn’t give a flying heck.

While many have begged the question of what will be next for the sitting MP – he is releasing a book for starters –  Ross has made it known that he has zero plans to interview him on his chat show.

Asked if he’d give Hancock a seat on his sofa, Ross said: “No, I wouldn’t. He’s not a celebrity.”

He continued to the Sunday People: “He’s a horrible human being and I cannot bear the way people take no responsibility for their actions.”

In recent I’m A Celebrity scenes, Hancock admitted to his fellow campmates that he made a ‘mistake’ and regrets the actions that led to his resignation as UK Health Secretary.

He also told them that one of his motivations for coming on the show was to seek a “bit of forgiveness” from the public.

Hancock has faced fierce criticism from opposition politicians and from within his own party for joining the show, with the Tory suspended from his party.

This comes after a caller on BBC Radio 2 left host Sara Cox scrambling after he labelled Hancock a “c**t” live on air as he was requesting a song to be played.

Hancock’s appearance on the reality show has obviously  prompted anger from many even though a spokesperson for the MP for West Suffolk previously said that the MP hopes to raise awareness about his dyslexia campaign while in the jungle.

And this caller made his feelings about the Tory MP very clear after he managed to make it onto Radio 2.

Speaking to host Sara Cox, the caller requested the Queen song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’

But he left Cox in shock when he followed it up by saying he wanted the song to be played “because Matt Hancock’s a c**t.”

This was then followed up by Cox apologising profusely to anyone who may have been offended by the caller’s language.

The veteran broadcaster told listeners: “OK, so we’ve got to cut him off there. This is live radio this kind of thing happens. I can only apologise if you’ve got children listening in the car.”

The caller still got his song played though, with Cox saying: “I’m going to play the tune huge apologies. It is live and here’s the song.”

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