Brian Cox has a very interesting theory about his Succession character 7 months ago

Brian Cox has a very interesting theory about his Succession character

Consider us intrigued...

Major spoiler warning for Succession season 4, episode 3 below.


Succession star Brian Cox, whose character Logan Roy died in last week's episode, has added fuel to the conspiracy theory that the Waystar Royco boss is actually still alive.

Ever since the episode aired this week, some fans have disputed the fact that Logan actually died, pointing to the fact that we don't really see him die. Throughout the episode, there's also a lot of confusion about whether or not the Roy patriarch had actually died yet.

Speaking on the Succession podcast, Cox put forward an interesting theory about Logan not actually being dead and flying off to retire quietly.

"It's interesting how they did the death - I have a secret sort of fantasy," he told host Kara Swisher.


"We don't actually see Logan die. We know about it, we hear about it. We don't even know if that body at the end of that episode is Logan's body. So there's a sort of mystery - is Logan dead? Or is he just gone into somewhere else? Or is he testing his family to see how they're going to react when he's dead?"

Logan Succession season 4 Logan before he boards the fateful flight in episode 3. Photo: HBO

Adding to his theory, the 76-year-old revealed where he thought Logan might go to retire quietly.


"I think he would probably go the way of Andrew Carnegie. He would find a place in the North of Scotland. He would be with Kerry, he would be with people who love him. He would have Colin there working on the estate. He would cut back and wait for the inevitable. Not in terms of death but in terms of where that empire is going and what's going to happen.

"And then suddenly someone would ring him up and says, 'hey boss it's a shit-hole, can you come back?' And he goes 'fuck off'."

If that were the case, we would certainly not complain. A classic Logan Roy "fuck off" would be a very poetic way to end the series.

The secret of Logan Roy is finally out... or is it?


In another interview this week, Cox was asked whether he felt it was a relief that he doesn't have to keep any more secrets after season four's bombshell third episode.

"From one sense, it is," he responded. "I’m very proud of myself because I’ve never been able to keep secrets and this is one secret I actually did rather well on."

If Logan were to survive to the end of the season, then maybe Cox's bad secret-keeping could be a double bluff. We're sure his latest comments, added to the Succession crew notoriously leaving hints of future plotlines, will have the conspiracy theorists on edge until the final episode.

You can check out the full interview with Cox below.


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