Amazon Prime Video has quietly added 22 big movies to its library 4 months ago

Amazon Prime Video has quietly added 22 big movies to its library

Some great new additions for Prime Video subscribers this week!

Heading into the weekend, Prime Video has given us some great (and some not so great) movies to check out, starting with...



One of the best movies of 2023 so far and a Prime Video exclusive.

Along Came Polly

Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston star in this enjoyable rom-com, but every scene is stolen by the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman.


American Sniper

Bradley Cooper stars in this Clint Eastwood-directed war drama about the most decorated sniper in American military history, and the impact that achievement had on his personal life.

Analyze This

Robert De Niro is the mobster and Billy Crystal is his put-upon therapist in this decent comedy. Less-good sequel Analyze That has also been added to the library.



Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone and (ugh) Woody Allen provide the voices for this actually quite good animated comedy.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Arguably the best of the Austin Powers trilogy, where the super spy is sent back in time to save his own mojo. Prime Video has also added the Beyonce-starring threequel Austin Powers in Goldmember.



With the news that the sequel is officially going into production, why not check out the classic Michael Keaton manic comedy?

Black Mass

Johnny Depp's big comeback didn't go well this week, but this crime drama epic based on how notorious criminal Whitey Bulger was convinced to become an FBI informant is one of his better recent outings.

A Cinderella Story


Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge and Chad Michael Murray star in this quite bad rom-com that has plenty of vocal defenders.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The oddity on David Fincher's directorial CV sees Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett involved in a love affair that involves reverse aging. Coming from the writer of Forrest Gump should tell you what to expect.


The terrible movie based on the terrible show.


An early-career entry for Channing Tatum, before Hollywood tapped into his comedic and/or stripping skills, sees him become a member of the underground street fighting community.

The Lorax

Danny DeVito, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift provide the voices for this forgettable kids movie.

Maybe I Do

When a couple want to take the next step, they decide to introduce their parents (Richard Gere and Diane Keaton) to each other, but it turns out they already knew each other... maybe a little too well...

The Nut Job

Liam Neeson, Brendan Fraser, Katherine Heigl and Will Arnett do the voices for one of the worst kids movies ever made.

Pitch Perfect

A bit like Glee, but with a bigger budget and famous actors. Pitch Perfect 2 has also been added to Prime Video, but it is actually not great.

Ride Along

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube star in this action comedy with a score of 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. The sequel, Ride Along 2, has also been added, with an even lower 14% on Rotten Tomatoes.


A powerful documentary on Brazilian Formula One racing driver Ayrton Senna, who won the F1 world championship three times before his death at age 34.

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